Our Story

About the Farm

Family-owned Sunnymede Farm is located in Hartland Four Corners, Vermont near the small, idyllic town of Woodstock. Nestled on 600 acres of open rolling pastures, rich maple forests and fertile meadow hillside, the farm is home to free roaming livestock, including chickens, Pigmy goats, Navajo-Churrro/Suffolk sheep, registered Angus cattle, horses and “Harvey”, the guard donkey for the sheep and goats.

Our Staff

There is no better steward to the land than the farmers.  Our farm is managed by Dennis Potter, who not only has a background rich in rural heritage, but also has extensive experience in farming, logging and sugaring. Dennis enjoys the freedom and satisfaction that hard work brings, taking pride in collecting and boiling sap during syrup season, haying the fields during summer, chopping the firewood, tending the soil and preserving the earth and caring for the variety of livestock and produce being grown here.

Our History

The farm was originally settled in 1789 by Marston Cabot, the town surveyor, who was offered his choice of land in lieu of payment for his services. Having a good eye for farmland, he chose the rich, fertile fields of what would eventually become Sunnymede.

In the early 1870s, the farm was bought on behalf of the village by the town clerk, A. B. Burke, who said when making the purchase, “I want as good a farm as there is in town and I want it near the village.” Since that time, the farm has passed hands eight times.

Named after its sunny meadows which have been grazed by livestock and cut for hay for centuries, the current owners of Sunnymede seek to preserve the rich heritage and rural tradition of the farmers who inhabited the land centuries ago.